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This Team is part of the 2012-2013 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Apr 10, 2013 | bshore | 1772 views
Great Season Sailors!
As the 2012/13 hockey season closes, we take a look back at our season and players that made great memories, win or lose.  

This was a season of highs and lows, a season that built character and strong friendships among teammates. From the absolute thrill of going undefeated to win the Seaforth Novice Rep Tournament, the excitement of making it through to the final round of the WOAA finals, only to lose to a tough opponent; and the final year-end tournament in Elmvale that saw our players having a FABULOUS time together off the ice, it is certainly a season that will be well-remembered!
We now take the time to make mention of each and every one of our team members. All have been an important and valued part of the 2012/13 Novice Rep Sailors!

Wilder H - Forward

Wilder is a gritty and determined player who contributed a good number of goals this season.  He is always ready to “get in there and dig” or do what it takes to stop an opponent from getting a shot away.  Wilder’s fiery style of play made our games fun to watch this season!  Go Wildman go!
Kaleb C - Forward

Kaleb is a skilled and speedy skater who is always sportsmanlike on the ice and knows how to get to the front of the net.  He also contributed to the goals-and-assists tally for our team and worked hard to better his game this season.  Way to go Kaleb, keep up the great work and great skating!

 Jacob L - Forward

Jacob has been a great asset to the team this year, both as a winger and a centreman.  Jacob scored some very nice goals and made some great passes too.  His work ethic on the ice is terrific, making for a fun game to watch and cheer on! Way to go Jacob; that approach will take you far both on and off the ice!

Theron R - Forward

Theron is a dedicated member of our offense.  Even when injured, he showed up to support his team on the bench.  The highlight of Theron’s season had to be our final game of the year, where he played the puck hard and made life very tough for his opponents with his determined approach.  Super season Theron, keep up the hard work!

 Jordan H - Forward

The highlight of Jordan’s season has to be his terrific performance in the Shootout Competition at the Seaforth Novice Rep Tournament.  Jordan showed everyone his nifty moves and made his team proud!  He also filled in as our back-up goalie when he was called upon and did a great job!  Keep on skating and playing hard Jordan, and good luck next year!

Ayden H - Forward

Ayden is a player who has solid stick-handling ability and a great shot.  He contributed a good number of goals to the team total this season with those great hands!  He plays a very solid game and will be one to watch as a second-year novice player. Keep practising on that back yard rink Ayden, it is certainly paying off for you!

Ethan C - Centre

Ethan is a passionate player whose love of the game shows clearly by his play on the ice.  Unfortunately, Ethan was sidelined for a significant amount of the season by an injury, but showed up to support and cheer on his team anyway.  Upon his return he made a large contribution to his team with his speed, power and great shooting ability. Nice job Ethan, keep working hard at the game you love!

Eric M - Defense

Eric served as defenseman for our team and showed he can be one tough cookie when need be – a great quality for a defenseman.  Eric plays his position solidly, and has a hard and accurate shot that we have seen go off from the blue line several times this season! Way to go Eric, you backed up your partner and team well and played an ever-improving season!

Eric V - Defense

Eric is an important member of this year’s solid defensive unit.  Eric will scramble hard to get the puck and defend his net, and makes some great heads-up passes too.  Eric is also keen to skate in and take a shot on net when the opportunity arises.  Way to play Eric, best of luck to you on another great season next year!

And finally, this season’s year end award winners:

Most Improved Player – Ben G, goalie

Ben is the winner of this year’s Most Improved Novice Rep Player. This was Ben’s first season as a goaltender, and he has shown talent and skill well beyond his level of experience in the net.  His calm demeanor is a great influence for his teammates, who never had to worry with Ben on the job behind them! Ben kept his team in the hunt this season, and his hard work and extra practice saw him improve tremendously.  Congratulations Ben, a well-deserved award for your solid season between the pipes!

Most Dedicated Player – Evan M, defense

When our coaches needed a good skater to fill a defensive roll at the beginning of the season, Evan (a former winger) stepped into the roll without complaint.  Evan learned to play his new position well, and can be relied on to play the puck hard and make accurate passes. Toward season’s end, he even began to make some brave cross-ice passes and heads-up plays. Evan dedicated himself to learning the role his coaches needed him to fill.  Congratulations Evan, your hard work and dedication has made you into a solid defenseman, and earned you the title of this season’s Most Dedicated Novice Rep Player!

Most Sportsmanlike Player – Keegan G, defense

Keegan has been a solid defenseman all season long.  Keegan knows how to make his opponent’s life difficult, while still playing a good, clean game.  Keegan also did his team proud by making it into the final two shooters in the Seaforth Novice Rep Tournament Shoot-out Competition!  Keegan has a great attitude on the ice, a trait that served him well in supporting his team this season.  Congratulations to the Most Sportsmanlike Novice Rep Player! Keegan,this kind of approach will take you far!

Paul Rivers Memorial Award – Owen S, Centre

Centreman Owen was our leading scorer for the team this season, and if he could get to the front of the net on a breakaway, a goal was rarely in doubt!  Owen had numerous multi-goal games, including several hat tricks for his team, and he is a high-energy player that is great fun to watch. A memorable moment from Owen’s season that bears mentioning is his game-winning breakaway goal in our final round of playoffs, where Owen put the puck past the goalie with less than 20 seconds left on the clock and had everyone in the crowd on their feet!  Way to go Owen, a hard-earned award for a talented player!

Parents, players and coaches, and Lance, would like to extend their thanks to Bill Shore (Head Coach), Mike McBride (Assistant Coach), Darren Connelly (Assistant Coach), Jeff Volland (Trainer), Karen Hoggarth (Manager), John Coups (Parent Liaison), Jessica Daily, Adam and Julie Moore ( Uniform Managers), Derek Hoggarth and Greg Robinson ( For their help on and off the ice), Lorrain McBride ( Team Sports Writer ) and all those who lent their time and knowledge to this successful season! Every child is a better player at the end of this season than they were at the beginning; we learned how to win, how to lose, and most importantly, how to have FUN no matter what!  

Best of luck to everyone next year!