Organization Contact List (Goderich Minor Hockey)

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Goderich Minor Hockey
P.O. Box 25
Goderich, ON.
N7A 3Y5
ExecutiveBrad BellPresident- Chair of the Board519-955-3587 (c)
ExecutiveTim StinsonVice President- Board Member519-955-5688 (c)
ExecutiveLeila BuchananSecretary- Board Member519-525-3447 (c)
ExecutiveJohn LittleTreasurer- Board Member519-524-3424 (c)
ExecutiveIan KargesOMHA/WOAA Centre Contact
ExecutiveChristine Lapp-HaylowRegistration Chair
ExecutiveJess DailyCommunication Chair
ExecutiveLorrain McBrideTeams Chair
ExecutiveKalen CarrollJr. Coach Advocate- Board Member519-955-7418 (c)
ExecutiveMike FraserSr. Coach Advocate- Board Member519-441-3281 (h)
ExecutiveHaley StollSpecial Events Chair519-440-0311 (h)
ExecutiveRhonda FritzleyFundraising Chair- Board Member519-955-2424 (c)
ExecutiveDan WilkinsonEquipment Chair519-525-0558 (h)
ExecutiveMike McBrideTournament Chair- Board Member519-441-8893 (c)
Org StaffPam ChagnonScheduler
Org StaffTrevor BazinetRef Assignor519-525-7570 (c)
Pre-InitiationBrandon CorriveauCoach519-525-1631 (h)
Pre-InitiationJoe GarrickCoach
Pre-InitiationMackenzie HarpCoach519-242-6247 (h)
Pre-InitiationMike McBrideCoach519-441-8893 (c)
InitiationMatt MacPheeHead Coach519-441-0863 (c)
InitiationGarrett HuntCoach
InitiationJeremy LambournCoach519-389-1742 (h)
InitiationDarren SchollCoach519-525-6373 (c)
InitiationJames RiveraTrainer519-525-6619 (c)
InitiationMary SchollManager
InitiationNate DaerAsst Trainer
Tyke CEP Local 16-0Kalen CarrollCoach519-524-5293 (h)
Tyke CEP Local 16-0Mackenzie HarpCoach519-242-6247 (h)
Tyke CEP Local 16-0Ben CraigTrainer
Tyke CEP Local 16-0Paul GillTrainer
Tyke CEP Local 16-0Matthew ArmstrongManager
Novice McGee Motors RepDarnell ConnellyCoach519-525-8684 (c)
Novice McGee Motors RepDennis HoganCoach
Novice McGee Motors RepIan KargesCoach519-525-2012 (c)
Novice McGee Motors RepNathan DaerTrainer
Novice McGee Motors RepRhonda FritzleyManager519-955-2424 (c)
Atom Mainstreet Credit Union RepBrandon CorriveauHead Coach519-525-1631 (h)
Atom Mainstreet Credit Union RepRob KolkmanCoach519-955-2531 (c)
Atom Mainstreet Credit Union RepLee WilliamsonCoach
Atom Mainstreet Credit Union RepBrad McLeanTrainer
Atom Mainstreet Credit Union RepTara CorriveauManager
Atom Hyundai LLJamie StanleyHead Coach
Atom Hyundai LLColin CarmichaelCoach519-441-2445 (h)
Atom Hyundai LLSteve RobertsTrainer
Atom Hyundai LLMatt VandenheuvelTrainer
Atom Hyundai LLMatthew ArmstrongManager519-955-6326 (c)
PeeWee Lions RepRyan OlmsteadHead Coach519-441-7590 (c)
PeeWee Lions RepDarnell ConnellyCoach519-525-8684 (c)
PeeWee Lions RepMark StollCoach519-441-7590 (c)
PeeWee Lions RepMike BowlerTrainer519-524-3986 (c)
PeeWee Lions RepKim BowlerManager519-955-3486 (c)
PeeWee Lions RepMandy PowellParent Liaison519-955-0831 (c)
PeeWee Lions RepKrista ConnellyWebmaster519-525-2258 (c)
PeeWee Kinsmen LLCraig VanstoneHead Coach519-524-0769 (c)
PeeWee Kinsmen LLAdam DurstCoach519-525-7654 (h)
PeeWee Kinsmen LLBill PattersonCoach226-930-0358 (c)
PeeWee Kinsmen LLAdam DurstTrainer519-525-7654 (c)
PeeWee Kinsmen LLHolly DurstManager519-955-1018 (c)
PeeWee Kinsmen LLShelley HarrisWebmaster519-955-4157 (c)
PeeWee Scotiabank LLTara WilliamsonHead Coach
PeeWee Scotiabank LLMike BeddowCoach
PeeWee Scotiabank LLJoe GarrickCoach
PeeWee Scotiabank LLJeff SquireTrainer
PeeWee Scotiabank LLTara CorriveauManager
Bantam Jenkins RepTrevor BazinetHead Coach519-525-7570 (c)
Bantam Jenkins RepMike FraserCoach519-441-3281 (c)
Bantam Jenkins RepMike McBrideCoach519-441-8893 (c)
Bantam Jenkins RepDan NoelTrainer519-955-2448 (c)
Bantam Jenkins RepTim AldrichAsst Trainer519-525-0048 (c)
Bantam Jenkins RepLeah NoelManager519-955-3254 (c)
Bantam Jenkins RepKelly ConnellyParent Liaison519-525-0530 (c)
Bantam Jenkins RepJess DailyWebmaster
Bantam Marcc Apparel LLTodd LarkinHead Coach519-524-5452 (h) 519-525-6194 (c)
Bantam Marcc Apparel LLTim PowellCoach519-955-5459 (c)
Bantam Marcc Apparel LLGary ErbTrainer
Bantam Marcc Apparel LLJonathan Van BeekAsst Trainer
Bantam Marcc Apparel LLErin WilsonManager519-440-2032 (c)
Bantam Marcc Apparel LLSteven DohertyWebmaster
Midget Legion RepRob DunnHead Coach519-386-6754 (c)
Midget Legion RepKevin ChebottCoach519-525-2895 (c)
Midget Legion RepBill PattersonCoach226-930-0358 (c)
Midget Legion RepAdam JenkinsTrainer519-440-6216 (c)
Midget Legion RepLeila BuchananManager519-525-3447 (c)
Midget Legion RepMatt BuchananParent Liaison519-525-3448 (c)
Midget Toyota LLNick DaerHead Coach519-955-0442 (c)
Midget Toyota LLLarry KleinCoach519-525-5966 (c)
Midget Toyota LLJohn LittleCoach519-524-3424 (c)
Midget Toyota LLTim StinsonTrainer519-955-5688 (c)
Midget Toyota LLAli BellManager519-955-3586 (c)
Midget Toyota LLDan WilkinsonParent Liaison519-525-0558 (c)
JuvenileDarcy SouchHead Coach519-525-0039 (c)
JuvenileNeil AnstettCoach519-441-1334 (h)
JuvenileGary LynchCoach519-524-5525 (h) 519-525-0547 (c)
JuvenileRob TindallTrainer519-670-6738 (c)
JuvenileBelinda MarshallManager519-357-6184 (c)
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