2019-2020, Seasons (Goderich Minor Hockey)

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  • No Scores Reported19-20 Pre-Initiation
    Coached by Kalen Carroll.
  • No Scores Reported19-20 Initiation
    Coached by Darren Scholl, Brandon Corriveau, Mike McBride. Team staff include Mary Scholl.
  • No Scores Reported19-20 Minor Novice CEP Local 16-0
    Coached by Jeremy Lambourn, Jesse Johnston, Josh McGill, Corey Moran. Team staff include Jeremy Lambourn, Jeremy Powell, Nathan Daer, Amanda Scott, Jeremy Lambourn.
  • 5 - 3 - 1
    19-20 Major Novice McGee Motors Rep
    Coached by Kalen Carroll, Ben Craig, Brad Powell. Team staff include Barb Zondag, Paul Gill, Ben Craig, Mike Zondag, Kalen Carroll.
  • 1 - 7 - 0
    19-20 Major Novice LL
    Coached by Matt MacPhee, Garrett Hunt. Team staff include Jude Fritzley, John Hyrsky, Sandra Harp, Shaun Peet.
  • 3 - 25 - 4
    19-20 Atom Mainstreet Credit Union Rep
    Coached by Brandon Corriveau, Colin Carmichael, Jamie Stanley, Matthew Vandenheuvel. Team staff include Tara Corriveau, Tricia Denomme, Nate Daer, Tara Corriveau. Latest news: "Year End Wrap up" (Apr 21).
  • 9 - 20 - 0
    19-20 Atom Hyundai LL
    Coached by Derek Langtry, Darnell Connelly, Rick Lobb. Team staff include Rhonda Fritzley, Steve Roberts, Krista Connelly, Erin Peet.
  • 23 - 15 - 6
    19-20 PeeWee Lions Rep
    Coached by Ryan Olmstead, Mike Beddow, Rob Kolkman, Mark Stoll. Team staff include Haley Stoll, Lee Williamson, Mark Stoll, Amy Duckworth, Shelley Harris. Latest news: "Another Great Year for Pee Wee Reps" (Apr 17).
  • 21 - 18 - 2
    19-20 PeeWee Kinsmen LL
    Coached by Brad McLean, Brandon Corriveau. Team staff include Tara Corriveau, Jeff Squire, Alecia McCabe, Tara Corriveau. Latest news: "'B' Division Champions - Doug Perkes Memorial Tournament " (Feb 15).
  • 9 - 16 - 4
    19-20 Bantam Jenkins Rep
    Coached by Mike Fraser, Tim Aldrich, Jeff Hodges. Team staff include Tasha Fraser, Jason MacLeod, Erin Wilson, Ian Karges.
  • 15 - 10 - 3
    19-20 Bantam Marcc Apparel LL
    Coached by Tim Powell, Mike Beddow, Bill Patterson. Team staff include Crystal Powell, Gary Erb, Darrell Parsons, John Van Beek, Kelly Good, Angela Graham.
  • 11 - 14 - 4
    19-20 Midget Legion Rep
    Coached by Doug Cruickshank, Brandon Gibson, DJ Stevenson. Team staff include Leila Buchanan, Rob Dunn, Darren Connelly, Steve Hewitt.
  • 22 - 15 - 4
    19-20 Midget Toyota LL
    Coached by Trevor Bazinet, Shawn Dickson, Mike McBride. Team staff include Shelly Stinson, Jill Bazinet, Tim Stinson, Dan Noel, Jenn Evans, Trevor Bazinet. Latest news: "A Successful Season" (Apr 18).
  • No Scores Reported19-20 Free Learn To Skate - Under 10
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • No Scores Reported19-20 Goalie School
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • No Scores Reported19-20 Open Ice
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
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