2017-18 Body Checking Clinic (Goderich Minor Hockey)

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GMHI is again hosting a Body Checking Clinic run by Jeff Clarke, who provides clinics for the OMHA across Southwestern Ontario. The clinic is open to all GMHI PeeWee, Bantam & Midget players and will take place at the Maitland Rec Centre on Thursday, September 7th 7-830pm PEEWEE and 830-10pm BANTAM/MIDGET. **It is highly recommended that ALL PeeWee and Bantam players attend as there may be a body checking clinic as part of tryouts. Topics covered during the sessions may include *How to give a body check *How to receive a body check *How to angle a player properly and take them out of the play *What to do if a player you're about to check turns his back to you *How to use the boards to help absorb a hit *An emphasis on using your body to separate the puck carrier from the puck *How to read the play that is developing *How to bounce off a check and roll with the puck. We will go through all these different points with the players by using drills so they can practice and get comfortable with the different techniques. *Pre-Registration is required. This Clinic is being paid for with HGO funds, so there is no fee to register. Registration is limited.
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